Thursday, March 07, 2013

Big reaction at Disney shareholder meeting when CEO Bob Iger is questioned about ABC News bias against the Tea Party and ESPN bias against RG III

3/6/13, "Disney Shareholders Shoot Down Plea to Split CEO and Chairman Roles," Hollywood Reporter, Paul Bond

"At a mostly positive annual meeting, one shareholder got a big reaction to his assertion of political media bias at ABC News.

At the Walt Disney Co. annual shareholder meeting Wednesday, CEO Bob Iger noted that Disney’s stock closed at a record-high the day prior....

When it came time for a general Q&A, the first question, judging from the loud mix of positive and negative reaction, was arguably the most controversial -- a man complaining about political bias at ABC and ESPN and citing specific examples: Newsman Brian Ross reporting that Dark Knight Rises mass killer James Holmes might be a member of the Tea Party, and ESPN commentator Rob Parker asking if NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III is "a real brother, or a cornball brother" because he has a white fiancee and he might be a Republican. Parker was suspended then let go after his comments.

"I'm just asking you to start playing it straight with the American people," the shareholder said. "Stop the bias and return to an era of objectivity and honesty in the news. The American people will thank you for it."

Iger acknowledged mistakes but was not specific. "We have, at times, either presented the news in a slightly inaccurate way or in ways we weren't necessarily proud of," he said, "but I firmly stand behind our news organizations because I believe that overall the job that they do is one that is worthy of respect.""...via Nolte, Breitbart


Ed. note: Just wondering what could be "controversial" about being so prejudiced about an entire group of innocent, law abiding people that you instinctively suggest one of their members is a mass murderer? Or that someone isn't the right kind of "brother" if he has a white fiancee?

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