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Privacy wars may be escalating following Journal News action, group now claims to have hacked and published LoHud user data-Legal Insurrection. Update: The buck stops with Putnam County, 'Journal News put virtual scarlet letter on law abiding' citizens

Update, 1/2/13, "“The asinine editors at the Journal News have gone out of their way to place a virtual scarlet letter on law abiding firearm owners throughout the region,” (Rockland County, N.Y. State Sen. Greg) Ball said in a statement, “and I thank God that Putnam County has a clerk with the guts to stand up and draw the line here.”

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant said, “Since The Journal News has published this map, Putnam has received hundreds of calls from Putnam residents urging us not to release these records … There is the rule of law, and there is right and wrong and The Journal News is clearly wrong. I could not live with myself if one Putnam pistol permit holder was put in harm’s way, for the sole purpose of selling newspapers.”"

1/2/13, "Newspaper can’t have more gun permit data, county says, after publishing names, addresses outraged community,
" Poynter.org, Julie Moos


The LoHud Yankees Blog is owned by the Journal News

1/1/13, "Group claims hacked subscriber database of NY newspaper which published gun permit map," Legal Insurrection, William A.Jacobson

"The Lower Hudson Journal News, a Gannett newspaper, caused controversy when it published a map of names and addresses of gun permit holders, and announced that it planned to do so again.

The plan for further publication may be in doubt as a neighboring county just announced it was denying the Journal News access to its gun permit database.

 In protest, bloggers posted the home addresses and telephone numbers of Journal News editors and staff.  Also cirulating was the personal and family contact information for the Chairwoman of Gannett.

The Journal News has hired armed guards for its offices, according to Politico, because of threats.

This privacy war has just escalated dramatically, as a group of self-described ”2nd Amendment supporters” claims it has downloaded and posted on the web what it describes as the “user” database of the Journal News.

Twitter users claim the list is being widely circulated.  Although the links are easily available, I’m not including links to any of the websites containing the alleged database for the same reason I did not provide the personal information sent to me about Gannett’s Chairwoman....

One of the tweets (not imaged here) provided a link to a page with this message:
lohud.com was hacked by 2nd amendment supporters in response to the posting of sensitive gun owner information. This database contains user email, name, username, password, name, phone number and address of ~10,000 lohud.com users
Feel free to make maps of Lohud users with this data [image above]
A simple Google search also turned up a document dump at Pastebin...

Twice today I reached out to the Publisher and Editor of the Journal News, asking whether they were aware of this, whether they verified the information, what they were doing about it, and what their position was.  This obviously is important because the users and subscribers of the Journal News website may not be aware that their personal information has been compromised.

Despite being told by a person in the newsroom that the Editor was checking her emails, I have heard nothing from the Journal News." image above from Legal Insurrection


among comments to above post at Legal Insurrection:


rec_lutheran | January 1, 2013 at 9:01 pm

"The Journal News has hired armed guards for its offices, according to Politico, because of threats.

Will the Journal News be publishing the names and addresses of its newly-hired armed guards?"


"Funny you should mention that – Lee Ayoob, one of the principals in RGA Investigations (hired by the Journal News to protect their victim status) was put on their map."


punfundit | January 1, 2013 at 9:33 pm
"Five bucks this was done by leftists to get the Second Amendment crowd accused of terrorism."


rec_lutheran | January 1, 2013 at 9:47 pm

"Maybe. But if that is the case I doubt it will work. After all, the Journal News started the Privacy War, and were planning to do it again when this happened.

What has really interested me with the Journal News story and Gergory’s potential legal troubles is the way the media has mostly ignored both of them. That indicates the holier-than-thou anti-gun Narrative is not developed the way the media has hoped. It also shows the power of independent news sources such as LI. (Legal Insurrection)"


1/1/12, "'Journal News' hires armed security guards," Politico


12/31/12, "'Journal News' advertisers face boycott over gun map," Politico, M. Weinger

"The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is calling for a nationwide boycott of the advertisers of the suburban New York newspaper that published online maps revealing names and addresses of people with pistol permits."...


12/29/12, "NY newspaper plans to publish more gun owner names," Legal Insurrection, William A. Jacobson


12/27/12, "Where The Journal News went wrong in publishing names, addresses of gun owners," Poynter.org, Al Tompkins

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