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Why are kids going crazy and shooting up schools? 'For the last 20 yrs. kids have been taught the planet is dying, they're the cause, that they must act, must manipulate their parents. Kids are being driven insane in schools'-Rosa Koire

12/18/12, "The World Happiness Index and Mass Murder," Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, Rosa Koire

"This is a graphic expression of one of the many Happiness Indexes floating around on the web.  Green is happy, red is miserable.   Looks like the Central Americans, Ecuadorans, and Mexicans have the lock on happiness from this map...  Have they had any school shootings? Or just wars and drug violence?

Everyone is asking 'Why are these kids going crazy and shooting up schools?' 

Let's consider some potential reasons.

For the last 20 years, with increasing frequency and intensity, children have been taught that the planet is dying and that they are the cause.

They're also taught that they have the power to save the planet.

Considering the fact that children are the most powerless of all people, this is an irresponsible thing to teach a child.  The pressure and responsibility of saving the planet is fierce.  

Children are fearful, stressed, and learning non-violent communication at the same time that they are playing violent computer games.  They are told that everyone is equal but that they are bad (unfair) if they have more than someone else. 

They're taught that bullying is bad and then they're uncertain about exactly what they can say and what they can't.  Children are taught to trust community, and are also told that there are people who would steal them away--strangers who look just like everyone else.

Children are taught sustainable development principles from the time that they're in kindergarten.  These principles are in every course and continue on until post-graduate school.  I was sent a book that is used in third grade: Rethinking Mathematics.  This book teaches students that every point of view is valid and should be considered, even when it is mathematically incorrect.  Is two plus two equal to five?  Let's give that some consideration because no one should be made to feel wrong.  What this does is to destroy certainty.  Mathematics is beautiful because no matter how many times you do a calculation, if it's done correctly you'll get the same answer every time.  Certainty.  The joy of certainty is destroyed for children, and 

rigidity is substituted in its place.  

Rigidity in thinking 'sustainably.' 

Just like most people, children are on drugs.  Mind altering, psychotropic drugs that many of them expect to be on for the rest of their lives.  Many of these anxiety drugs have 'side-effects.'  What is a side effect? The risk that psychological collateral damage may result from taking something to make you feel better---it's a mind-altering Russian roulette. 

And sometimes the guns are real.

The world is a dangerous place. Artificial scarcity, panic over global warming, fear that farmland and water sources are disappearing--all of this is UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.  

Fear is a vital element of this plan.  

Panic is necessary to block your ability to think clearly and to question.  You must act.  How can you be happy when you're taught that children are starving in Ethiopia and baby wolves are being killed and it's because you're using too much water when you're brushing your teeth? Children are being used as levers to change society and manipulate their parents.

UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the green mask--the vision of the glorious future.  The joy of future sustainability--how beautiful it will be when we all ride bikes and take the train and live in apartments on the train line and work at non-profits that operate on the Triple Bottom Line: Planet, People, Profit.  We will no longer think about gross national product; we will think about our Gross National Happiness. Oh, glorious day when we will beat our swords into plowshares and return to peasantry.  Oh, the Neo-Feudal state we will enjoy when 'education' is openly and totally about behavioral modification and training.   

We are there.  This is the state of the 'educational system' now with Direct Instruction, Common Core, Mastery Learning, Outcome Based Education.  Children are being manipulated. 

Their open and impressionable minds are being taught to think in consensus, to be manageable and measurable and predictable and to answer the question the right way and to value sustainability above all else or the planet will die.   They must be HAPPY.  It's the New Poverty!  It's the Peace on Earth!  You must analyze every feeling and then share it with everyone in your class, children, because how will we know that you're HAPPY?    

Children are being driven insane in schools."...

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