Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ken Rosenthal compares sabermetric community to Tea Party

1/11/13, "Fox MLB Reporter: 'It's As If The Tea Party Has Taken Over One Part Of Baseball'," Breitbart

Ken Rosenthal made the analogy after noting 2 different schools of thought existed on the topic of Jack Morris. Apparently if one side doesn't agree with another today it's an intolerable 'level of discourse.'

"Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal talks about the volatile sabermetrics community:"

"...and one thing that has bothered me at times, not among many of us, but some of us, almost polarized view of the world now that has come from the past. And it's as if the Tea Party has taken over one part of baseball discussion and that's not right.""

Video posted Jan. 10 

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