Friday, January 11, 2013

Baseball's use of secret Hall of Fame ballots threatens Cooperstown integrity-Pollis

1/10/13, "2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Vote: How Much Do BBWAA's Secret Ballots Matter?" BeyondTheBoxscore.com, Lewie Pollis

"There is no greater threat to Cooperstown's integrity than the BBWAA's use of secret ballots."

"We've established with strong certainty that the BBWAA's judgments of certain players vary based on whether writers are willing to put their names on their picks....Anonymous voters judge better players more harshly and worse players more charitably....

The BBWAA's use of secret ballots leads writers to vote for undeserving players and to snub worthy candidates

when they would not be able to defend such selections publicly.
Maybe it didn't matter this year, but it very well could in the near future."...via Baseball Think Factory

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