Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In 1821 a major hurricane hit NY at low tide splitting Manhattan in half. Had the storm hit at high tide as Sandy did, Manhattan would have been wiped off the map

11/26/12, "New York Times Joins The Mayans," Steven Goddard

"There had been warnings. In 2009, the New York City Panel on Climate Change issued a prophetic report. (In 2012, The NY Times wonders) "Is This the End?" – NYTimes.com

Mayan prophets agree – we were warned.

In 1821, a major hurricane hit New York at low tide, [2012 Storm 'Sandy' hit at high tide] and the storm surge split Manhattan in half. Had that storm hit at high tide, lower Manhattan would have been wiped off the map.
"In 1821, stunned colonial New Yorkers recorded sea levels rising as fast as 13 feet in a single hour at the Battery. The East River and Hudson Rivers merged over Lower Manhattan all the way to Canal Street. According to Coch, the fact that the 1821 storm struck at low tide “is the only thing that saved the city.” New York Press – AARON NAPARSTEK – THE BIG ONE
Two hundred years later, Manhattan is still here and The New York Times has been taken over by morons."...image from NY Times, Freeman.

Image above from Steven Goddard

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