Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yankee payroll at $72 million was second only to the Baltimore Orioles, 9/17/98

9/17/1998, "This year's (Yankee) payroll of $72 million is the second-highest in baseball,
  • trailing only the Baltimore Orioles. (parag. 14)...
The five franchises that lead in attendance this year (1998)--
  • Denver,
  • Baltimore,
  • Phoenix,
  • Cleveland, and
  • Atlanta--
all play in such stadiums. To Steinbrenner's annoyance, the Yankees ranked
  • per home game through August."...(parag. 18)

9/17/1998, "The Yankees: Steinbrenner's Money Machine," Business Week, by Anthony Bianco with Mark Hyman in Baltimore, "Why George Steinbrenner may be tempted to sell the New York Yankees"

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