Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eduardo Nunez home run call from John Sterling. Update, 8/7/2013, Keeps 'Nunie to the moonie'

Update 8/7/13, In the top of the 4th v White Sox, Nunez hit his first home run of 2013. John Sterling kept the same tag he used in 2012 (final in 12, White Sox 6-5) :

"Nunie to the moonie!"

Update, ALCS game 3, Eduardo Nunez hit a home run v Tigers in the top of the 9th, Sterling excitedly described it but without the "Nunie to the Moonie" heard previously. Perhaps it was such a big deal that the Yankees finally got a run the tag wouldn't really have added anything.

Today was Eduardo Nunez' first home run this year, and as John Sterling said, he hit it to left and deep,
  • "Nunie to the Moonie!"
Curtis Granderson was the batter right before Nunez in the bottom of the second, and he hit a home run as well. So after Mr. Sterling called the Nunez home run he observed,
  • "Nunez and Granderson go back to back and belly to belly."
Nunez had 6 Yankee home runs over 2010 and 2011. Final score today v Tampa Bay, 5-3 Yankees.

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