Thursday, August 30, 2012

NY Times Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal says Romney's wife "slipped the knife into Obama's back" during her speech

The most powerful newspaper in the world describes Mrs. Romney with violent, deranged hate speech. The Times believes the only way its views can prevail is to silence legitimate political expression of others: "In a nasty piece of work this morning, editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal painted an ugly picture of Ann Romney. Using the most violent of metaphors, Rosenthal saw a woman who, of all things, Rosenthal also managed to refer to mother-of-five Mrs. Romney as a "diva." Imagine the Times's outrage if a conservative ever dared to refer to First Lady Obama in such terms. Here's Rosenthal's reprehensible line:
  • "The genius of Mrs. Romney’s diva performance was the way she smiled so warmly as she delicately slipped the knife into President Obama."
Not only was Rosenthal's depiction vile and violent, it was so clearly at odds with the reality that those of us in the hall or watching at home saw and heard. Despicable."
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Ed. note: The NY Times has a serious problem with opinions that differ from its own, perhaps so serious that medical attention is needed. Didn't they hear Obama call for 'civility' in political rhetoric during a prime time tv speech about a year and a half ago? Hopefully NY Times employees are aware that ugly and violent reactions lie close to the surface of their Editorial Page Editor.

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