Friday, August 24, 2012

Bartolo Colon exploding hat size not new, Phil Hughes a gentleman no matter what-Mushnick

8/24/12, NY Post, Phil Mushnick, "For what it’s worth, Phil Hughes media accessibility and gentlemanly comportment remains constant, after wins and losses, good games and bad. And that should be worth something....

Colon cops: Just use his head!

For those who can apply common sense to common physiology, they’d know that it’s almost impossible to conclude Bartolo Colon began juicing just this season.

After all, as noted here last season when he pitched for the Yankees, whose head grows (and grows and grows) well after entering adulthood? Not yours, not mine.

One comparative, neck-up look at Colon photos from early in his career was all it took to reasonably conclude something was up, that his head was becoming the size of a medicine ball.

Also makes you wonder why a valued pitcher such as Colon is annually so expendable, having played for eight teams in the last 10 years while going 106-81. Did teams figure it was just a matter of time before what was impossible to ignore showed up in a test?"

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