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MLB players are beaned or leave after 3 innings on hot days because fans drive to the stadium, use light bulbs? No. UCS denies science & US CO2 drop

Union of Concerned Scientists' Elliott Negin writes a long article suggesting MLB and its players are in climate danger though the exact opposite is true. Negin denies climate science that US CO2 emissions have dropped steadily since at least 2006 and are going lower.. At the end of the article he includes a pitch from NRDC's Hershkowitz hoping for "federal" action on climate. Granted, the trillion dollar climate industry's investment bankers, unregulated commodity trading market, and various European monarchs will make more money if CO2 alarmism is believed in the US but that's not our problem--if it ever was. The US has needed only its existing federal laws, no international treaties, and no EU style cap and trade. MLB, UCS, and NRDC are left with one option: if US temperatures go up for a day, a month or 6 months, US human-caused CO2 is not, can't possibly be the reason. retaliations for baseball beaning and resulting head injuries are more likely. Alleged CO2 activity by fans also leads to removal of star pitchers after only 3 innings because they can't take the heat, see Stephen Strasburg. So the end of baseball may be in sight due to CO2. UCS and MLB should be aware that science doesn't support Negin's view.

from insufficient attention to his theory that these things are caused by catastrophic human caused excess CO2 and global warming in the US:

8/16/12, "Major League Baseball Copes With Climate Change," Huffington Post, Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • "For years, climate scientists have been warning that dangerous heat waves -- as well as prolonged droughts -- are likely to become more common, especially if we don't dramatically reduce carbon pollution. According to a new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), it's beginning to look like the future is now....
"Temperatures approaching 120 degrees on the field in Atlanta on June 30 sent Washington Nationals power pitcher Stephen Strasburg to the showers after only three innings.... "All businesses -- not to mention the federal government -- should step up to the plate and follow baseball's lead."
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Here are links citing CO2 drop in the US and that the subject of CO2 in the US is now moot. It may or may not be an issue in other countries, but it's not in the US-- if it ever was. Also included are links about CO2 offsets or "carbon" offsets:
  • --------------------------------------------------

"What the government has not mandated, the economy is doing on its own: emissions of global warming gases in the United States are down.

According to the Energy Department, carbon dioxide emissions peaked in this country in 2005 and will not reach that level again until the early 2020s."...

  • -----------------------------------------------------------
  • US CO2 has dropped and is going lower:
6/26/12, "The Incredible Shrinking Carbon Pollution Forecast - Part 2," switchboard.NRDC.org, Dan Lashof


"In a surprising turnaround, the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere in the U.S. has fallen dramatically to its lowest level in 20 years, and government officials say the biggest reason is that cheap and plentiful natural gas has led many power plant operators to switch from dirtier-burning coal.

Many of the world's leading climate scientists didn't see the drop coming, in large part because it happened as a result of market forces rather than direct government action against carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere.

Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, said the shift away from coal is reason for "cautious optimism" about potential ways to deal with climate change."...

  • --------------------------------------
6/29/12, "US Carbon Output Forecasts Shrink Again," American Interest, Walter Russell Mead
  • -------------------------------------

"Not only that, but as my top chart shows, US CO2 emissions are falling even faster than what President Obama pledged in the global Copenhagen Accord."...

  • -------------------------------------------

"Even factoring in a stronger economy, forecasters see greenhouse gas emissions continuing to fall....Others take the U.S. success in reducing its energy sector emissions as a sign that its fragmented, state-based, regulatory approach has worked better than Europe's market-based cap-and-trade approach."

  • --------------------------------------------------------

"As we note below in a new article for Yale360, a funny thing happened: U.S. emissions started going down in 2005 and are expected to decline further over the next decade."

  • ------------------------------------------------------

4/20/10, "Buying Carbon offsets may ease eco-guilt but not global warming," by Doug Struck, CS Monitor

  • -------------------------------------------------
"SWISS banking giant UBS says the European Union's emissions trading scheme has cost the continent's consumers $287 billion for "almost zero impact" on cutting carbon emissions."...EU CO2 trading provided "windfall profits" to participants paid for by "electricity customers.""
  • ---------------------------------------------------------

4/23/12, "'I made a mistake': Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was 'alarmist' about the impact of climate change," UK Daily Mail, L. Warren

  • ===================
7/16/10, "Carbon Trading Used as Money-Laundering Front," Jakarta Globe
  • --------------------------------------
10/8/10, "Murder on the Carbon Express: Interpol Takes On Emissions Fraud," Mother Jones, M. Schapiro
  • ==========================
A 2011 report noted EIA results through 2009, US CO2 emissions dropped steadily since 1999. If, hypothetically, US temperatures have been on the increase, such couldn't possibly be due to US carbon dioxide emissions: "In 2009, greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. experienced their biggest drop since the U.S. Energy Information Administration began tracking them during the 1990-2009 time frame."
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1/25/2009, "Global warming industry becomes too big to fail," Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner
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"The Small Business Administration estimates that compliance with such regulations costs the U.S. economy more than $1.75 trillion per year — about 12%-14% of GDP, and half of the $3.456 trillion Washington is currently spending. The Competitive Enterprise Institute believes the annual cost is closer to $1.8 trillion when an estimated $55.4 billion regulatory administration and policing budget is included."...

  • ------------------------------------------------------

A few examples of climate cash sought in 2011:

  • ---------------------------------------------
"Organized crime may be responsible for theft of European Union emission allowances this month, and national authorities are working with Europol...a top EU climate official said." Sweden admits it has Austria's stolen 'carbon credits' but says it might just be 'a coincidence.'


-------------------------------------------------------- "The U.S. military has emerged as a key ally for fledgling producers of non-food-based biofuels."...
  • ----------------------------------------------------
"The Obama administration has requested $770 million in federal funds to combat the effects of global warming in developing countries, a new congressional report details, continuing its policy of using foreign aid to combat the effects of global warming in the developing world.

The figure, from a recent report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), shows that despite another year of $1 trillion deficits, the Obama administration continues to pursue its policy of using foreign aid funds for anti-global warming measures – known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI).

According to CRS, the government has spent a total of $2.5 billion on GCCI since 2010 on overseas anti-global warming efforts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa."...

  • ----------------------------------------------------------

"Only 12% (of net US petroleum imports) came from Saudi Arabia last year, down from nearly 19% in 1993."...

"The U.S. exported more oil-based fuels than it imported in the first nine months of this year, making it likely that 2011 will be the first time since 1949 that the nation is a net exporter of such goods, primarily diesel....

"It's dramatic. It's transformative," Edward Morse, a former senior U.S. energy official who now directs global commodities research at Citigroup, says of the historic shifts. He says the U.S. is importing a smaller share — 49% in 2010, down from 60% in 2005 — of the oil it uses, adding: "We're moving toward energy independence.""...

  • ----------------------------------------------

A combination of booming demand from emerging markets and faltering domestic activity means the U.S. is exporting more fuel than it imports,

  • upending the historical norm.

According to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on Tuesday, the U.S. sent abroad 753.4 million barrels of everything from gasoline to jet fuel in the first nine months of this year, while it imported 689.4 million barrels."...

  • -----------------------------------------------------

7/28/10, "The secrets 10 states and Wall Street don't want you to know," by Mark Lagerkvist, NJ Watchdog

  • mandatory cap-and-trade system.
Under the RGGI scheme, the smell of profiteering is powerful. New Jersey and nine other Northeast states have sold The bidders at RGGI auctions include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase and other Wall Street heavyweights."...
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Global Warming "action" was institutionalized in US government in 1990 by George Bush the 1st. 13 federal agencies are tasked with climate "action," $68 billion has been spent on 'climate' just in the past 4 yrs.

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CO2 alarmist 'glory days' are over in the US. Congratulations to the greens, you won, best of luck in your future endeavors:

"But there is one group (other than the Russians and the Gulf Arabs and the Iranians) that isn’t sharing in the general joy: the greens. For them, the spectacle of a looming world energy crisis was good news. It justified huge subsidies for solar and wind power (and thereby guaranteed huge fortunes for clever green-oriented investors). ...But those glory days are over now, and the smarter environmentalists are bowing to the inevitable."...

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It's natural for elite MLB players to want to 'give back' to the community and 'do good' with their priceless aura. Perhaps unbeknownst to them, that's not what's happening when they promote catastrophic man-caused CO2 endangerment to impressionable children. At best they're promoting

  • an obsolete business venture.
Classroom visited by Houston Astros for "Play Green" classroom contest, photo from Astros website promoting 2012 contest. (undated) Above, Chris Johnson of the Houston Astros visits area school children as part of Astros "Play Green" classroom contest, from Astros website, "Chris Johnson made his second greenest classroom visit of the season" ... (undated)
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The financial survival of the UK monarchy is dependent on the world believing in catastrophic man made global warming. Much of the monarchy's income will derive from lease payments for offshore wind turbines:
  • ---------------------------------------
10/24/10, "'It is wholly inappropriate that the Palace should have such a direct interest in a subject like windfarms, given Prince Charles's obsession with renewable energy. It raises the question as to whether he is seeking to increase his own

each time he makes a favourable reference to wind power.'"

  • -----------------------------
1/30/2012, "Americans on pace to have driven 40 billion fewer miles in 2011 vs. 2010," GasBuddy (Fed. Hwy. Admin. data)
  • ---------------------------------------

7/5/2008, "30 billion fewer miles driven, and counting," McClatchy via Seattle Times

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MLB NRDC Greening page

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Huffington Post article via Tom Nelson

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