Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City interviewed by Tony Paige on WFAN in anticipation of upcoming All Star game in Kansas City

Tony's interview with Negro Leagues Museum President Bob Kendrick aired on WFAN late Saturday evening 7/7/12. I found it interesting and tried to link to it from WFAN but wasn't able to, nor could I find a listing for Tony Paige at all on WFAN's website. In any case, Bob Kendrick sounded like a terrific person and has a lot of things going on at the Negro Leagues Museum especially leading into the All Star break. The interview was by no means a sales pitch to send money to the Museum but it sounded like memberships or contributions would be greatly appreciated. So I'm including a link to their website. He also said he was hopeful the Commissioner would stop by this week.

7/8/12, "Negro Leagues Museum hopes for All-Star boost," The Kansas City Star, newsok.com, K. Bergen

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