Sunday, June 10, 2012

Steve Malzberg joins WFAN as update anchor

6/9/12, "Steve Malzberg Joins WFAN As Update Anchor," NY Radio Message Board
  • "Steve Somers just introduced Steve Malzberg to the WFAN audience at Midnight on Saturday morning 6/9/12. Somers mentioned Malzberg's 30 years in broadcasting at such stations as WABC and WOR. Don't know if Malzberg will be in the weekend overnight slot regularly or will move around.
  • Malzberg handled the update smoothly."

Follow-up comment

  • "Steve Malzberg used to fill in for Art Rust Jr. on his Sports Talk program on WABC years ago. And I think he regularly produced that show too. So doing sports reports is nothing new for him, and he may be working toward a bigger Sports Talk future at WFAN."...

Ed. note: I haven't heard Malzberg exactly say he's a Mets fan, but my guess is that he is.

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