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Green Jesus at Sustainable Fest in Rio, MLB shares green spirit, but the real Jesus would likely say a sin was committed in Rio

Update, 7/2/12, The real Jesus would likely say a sin was committed in Rio by not informing America-hating participants that the US has drastically lowered CO2 emissions, has lead the world in this regard since 2006-without signing UN treaties, dealing in unregulated

June 2012, Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, "Many have said that if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would recognise the moral imperative of stopping our killing of the Earth. Indeed, the whole of humanity is in jeopardy if we don’t step up to the challenge and really change the trajectory of where we are headed. Here in Rio, a green-lit “Christo Redentor – Christ the Redeemer – watches over the city, serving as an important reminder that we are in desperate need of new leadership…..and if it’s not going to be Jesus, then who?...

When I arrived at the World Congress on Justice, Law and Governance for Environmental Sustainability (a pre-Rio conference) I was full of hope that just maybe we might be able to come up with some concrete legal solutions (i.e making Ecocide a crime), to halt humanity in its current trajectory of destroying the environment.

The World Congress is a closed-door invitation-only event. It brought together some of the top legal minds in the world; Attorney-Generals, Chief Prosecutors, Auditors-General, Chief Justices, Senior Judges and other legal practitioners to discuss the role of the law in achieving sustainable development and to create a document to be taken to world leaders at the Earth Summit."...image from EradicatingEcocide.com

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  • Below SI cover March 12, 2007, MLB gets spiritual
1/11/11, "Sports Illustrated-wrong on Auburn, wrong on global warming," by Ben Lieberman, GlobalWarming.org "Undefeated Auburn beat Oregon to win the BCS championship last night, yet Sports Illustrated magazine failed to include Auburn in its Preseason top 25. Believe it or not,
  • this was far from SI’s silliest error in recent years.
The magazine was even further off the mark with its March 12, 2007 cover story on global warming.

Yes, SI devoted an entire story to global warming, and in particular its impact on sports. The tone was set by the cover itself, which depicted then-Florida Marlins

  • pitcher Dontrelle Willis in Dolphins Stadium.

Presumably he’s on the mound, but it’s hard to tell since he is above his knees in water - the text explains that “the seas will rise and coastal areas, including parts of South Florida, will eventually be underwater.” In fairness, SI’s prediction of sea level rise stretches to 2100, so it cannot yet be disproven. But the cover certainly suggests more immediate impacts, and elsewhere the story stresses that “global warming is not coming; it is here.” Much of the rest of the piece is an anecdotal litany of spectator and participant sports purportedly being ruined by global warming - ski seasons getting shorter, summer heat waves causing canceled high school football practices, and even the bats used by the hitters Willis faces jeopardized by

  • warming-induced insect infestations of ash forests.

Nearly four years later, few of the article’s scary scenarios are standing the test of time. Since 2007, we have seen bad ski seasons have followed by good ones, unusually hot summers followed by mild ones - in other words, fluctuations in weather that are

  • completely normal and nothing for the sports fans - or the rest of us - to be particularly worried about.

The good news is that the public is wisely tuning out global warming alarmism, though Willis may have been convinced by rising sea levels to move inland - he is on the Cincinnati Reds roster for 2011. Either it was global warming or the

  • $12 million a year he is getting from the Reds."
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SI.com, 3/17/07: "Temperature affects how far objects, such as baseballs, fly through the atmosphere.
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""This is very much in line with the best thinking in corporate activity today," said John McHale Jr., MLB executive vice president, administration. "Almost everyone who's a parent hears it from their children when we go home, and it is the way, the model of living we need to embrace for the future.""
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April 2009, "Wall Street realized there was money to be made in 'going green.'" Robert Redford
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MLB blared global warming message on freezing night in October at Yankee Stadium: "Last night I was at Yankee Stadium watching the Yanks exciting extra-inning playoff win. Along with 50,000 other shivering fans we had to endure a scoreboard message from Robert Redford sponsored by the National Resources Defense Council demanding that we lower our standard of living to stop global warming. The volume was turned on so loud that Redford's voice could be heard above the howling wind and freezing rain of a mid- October evening in New York City. "...
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7/18/06, A CITGO OIL COMPANY Plaque is enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. MLB.com

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"As one of the first professional sports leagues in North America to put a major emphasis on sustainability, MLB is blazing trails and creating best practices for sports organizations and venues worldwide to follow."

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Global warming profiteers like Goldman Sachs have friends in High Places.

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