Sunday, June 03, 2012

Detroit Tiger security took several minutes to react to fan on field who could have injured players

Above fan on field in Detroit 9th inning v Yankees is finally surrounded by security, Sun. 6/3/12, reuters

"The scene unfolded with comical slowness. And the Yankees were not happy about it.

With two outs and Detroit batting in the ninth inning of Sunday’s 5-1 Yankees victory, a fan ran onto the field at Comerica Park and headed toward shallow center field. Oddly, stadium security did not immediately react to apprehend him. As first baseman Mark Teixeira extended his arms and looked around for help, the fan ran freely toward right fielder Nick Swisher, seeking to tap fists.

Swisher obliged, adding that he figured the fans was “going to jail,” so “why not?”

Slowly, tentatively, security crept out and eventually tackled the fan near second base. But the delay took several minutes, which left Manager Joe Girardi and several of his players uneasy and upset.

“That can’t happen,” Girardi said. “People have got to get out there and get it. You worry about your guys. I don’t know what he was doing with Swish, tagging him or whatever he was doing. But I worry.”

Said Teixeira: “Luckily that guy was harmless. But you can’t let a guy run out there for a few minutes and go up to players. Most stadiums are great, and security is on them in seconds. That took way too long. I think they were corralling him. I guess that’s their way of doing it here.”"

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