Sunday, June 03, 2012

Former NY Gov. David Paterson calls WFAN to chat about 'his beloved Mets'

WFAN's Tony Paige late Saturday night said former NY Governor David Paterson will be calling in to talk about 'his beloved Mets' and Santana's no-hitter. So it turns out after all the trouble and publicity Paterson received for some Yankee tickets in 2009, he wasn't even a Yankee fan. I went to WFAN's website to find a link to Tony Paige but couldn't find one, didn't see his name listed as a show host though he obviously is a host. I saw mention of Paterson's interview with Tony Paige tonight, but wasn't able to link to it. Perhaps it will be listed in podcasts later but it wasn't when I looked. ed.

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