Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Milwaukee Police Dept. starts website to correct media errors, special welcome to Journal Sentinel

"To the Journal Sentinel I say, “Welcome to the 21st Century.”"... "The Milwaukee Police Department says its The Source website “provides the whole story — the one that television, radio and newspapers don’t have space or time to provide their audiences.” Also, “we’ll correct the news stories that got it wrong and highlight the ones that got it right.”

Police Chief Ed Flynn writes in one post:

This news site replaces the outdated face-to-face briefings with a select few media representatives, with a contemporary platform that enables anyone who wants to, with access to information for all. That is the essence of public information. To the Journal Sentinel I say, “Welcome to the 21st Century.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has aggressively covered the police department, while Milwaukee Magazine has been friendly to Chief Ed Flynn and his department. One of its writers said earlier this year that “no Milwaukee chief in modern times has presided over a bigger reduction in crime. Yet, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has done series after series of ‘Watchdog’ stories criticizing the department.”

The police department’s press release is after the jump."...
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Ed. note: For the record, Gov. Walker made no changes to police and fire fighter collective bargaining agreements. These groups are hardly partisans for Walker in case a Journal Sentinel editor was worried about that:

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