Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please 'move forward' from Ryan Braun situation, Bud Selig is quite sensitive to criticism

"He’s (Bud Selig) also quite sensitive to the criticism that comes with the job and somewhat defensive for a position that would otherwise require thicker skin....To publicly prolong the Braun situation would not be in its (MLB's) best interests."...
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"Saturday was “move forward” day for staff and players, who are trying to put the Braun saga behind them....

Once the workout proceeded to batting practice, Braun seemed to take out three months of frustration on each baseball tossed to him. He launched one missile after another out of sight, eliciting “oohs” and “aahs” from spectators watching the show.

Then, trying to sum up a day that finally made him feel like a coveted baseball player again, Braun added, “It was a lot of fun; I had a lot of fun today. Just being around my teammates and being on the baseball field and get to play baseball was nice.”"...

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"Claiming the high ground in a nationally televised news conference Friday, Braun lamented how his appeal of a positive test for performance enhancing drugs had “become a PR battle” with officials from Major League Baseball....

The higher a person’s profile, the higher the standard Team Selig holds for him. It’s clear from MLB’s response that Braun and his staff of defenders rubbed someone wrong while successfully attacking collection and chain of custody issues with a urine sample taken on Oct. 1, before Game 1 of the division series against the Diamondbacks."...

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