Sunday, February 26, 2012

MLB told sports medicine doctor to shut up about McGwire and Andro

Ed Randall interviewed a sports medicine physician about Ryan Braun this morning on his Talking Baseball radio show on WFAN. The doctor is a past president of the College of Sports Medicine (it sounded like an association for those in the sports medicine field) and Randall has interviewed him previously. I can't find his exact name but it sounded like Louis Mahern or Maharem. Perhaps it will be listed on WFAN's site later. What was interesting is the doctor had a run-in with MLB in 1998 about Mark McGwire and his use of Androstenedione. The doctor had been quite vocal about his view that Andro was a performance enhancer. Soon he heard from MLB which told him to "shut up" about the topic. They wanted no discussion of the matter. Apparently at some point after that, MLB agreed to at least look into the properties of Andro but the path they took meant there would be a 3 year delay in an official MLB position on it.

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