Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More than a million people listened to 2008 Giants-Patriots Super Bowl on WFAN, a lot for radio on a Sunday, says Chernoff

1/30/12, "New York’s two all-sports radio stations will, for all practical purposes, move to Indianapolis this week. And with good reason.

The Giants are playing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl there on Sunday. The last time those teams met in a Super Bowl, in 2008, more than a million New Yorkers listened to the game on WFAN (660 AM).

For a sports radio station on a Sunday,” says WFAN program director Mark Chernoff, “that’s unheard of. And this year we may have even more.”

WFAN is the home station of the Giants and has a wide lead in the local all-sports radio game. But Dave Roberts, program director of rival WEPN (1050 AM, ESPN Radio), says the resources of ESPN “will differentiate our coverage from everyone else’s.”

Roberts notes NBC, the TV network carrying the game, will use 1050’s Michael Kay, who also works for the YES Network, in its feature on the Giants’ Eli Manning.

Michael interviewed Eli back in August in his ‘elite quarterback’ feature, and NBC is using some of that interview,” says Roberts."...

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