Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Russo and Francesa say hello at radio row-Neil Best

Update: Mike and the Mad Dog chat on Monday at Super Bowl week

"Four years ago I covered Super Bowl XLII primarily as a media/business writer. This time around I'm mostly a football writer.

But I figured I should pay a visit to Radio Row for old times' sake. I was there Monday chatting with Mike Francesa just before 1 p.m. when Chris Russo happened by and said hello to me by striking me hard on the tush.

As he started on his way out of the room, he turned to go over and say hello to Mike, saying it was for my benefit so I could start a rumor they are getting back together.

Alas, they are not. But they also don't hate each other, contrary to a widespread assumption.

Their brief hello seemed genuine. Then Francesa went on the air on WFAN, and an hour later Russo followed suit on Sirius XM, about 20 feet away.

So close, and yet so far."...

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