Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another 1996 Rivera has not yet appeared despite what may be inferred from NY Times description of the 2011 David Robertson

Mr. Waldstein in the NY Times correctly notes Dave Robertson solidified the 8th inning role in 2011. He goes on to say this was "just as Rivera had done in 1996." This characterization invites readers to believe Rivera's 1996 is comparable to Robertson's 2011. As great an asset as Robertson is, this is not accurate. Additionally, when the 1996 Rivera comparison was suggested to Robertson himself, he said he prefers one-inning outings.2/21/12, NY Times: "As of the second day of spring training, Robertson was the leading candidate to assume Rivera’s role. Last year, Robertson solidified the eighth-inning role, just as Rivera had in 1996 in front of John Wetteland.

Robertson compiled a 1.08 earned run average with 100 strikeouts in 66 2/3 innings, with 34 holds. In 19 bases-loaded situations, he allowed one hit and struck out 14."...

  • In September 2011, Robertson said he prefers one inning:

9/8/11, "However, Robertson has been used mostly as a one-inning guy, and when asked about it Wednesday, he admitted it would be an adjustment.

"I probably could," he said. "But I just feel it's easier to go one inning at a time. I use up a lot of energy in that one inning."

Of course, Robertson said he'd be more than willing in October, saying that "when the postseason comes, you do anything you can to win games.""...

2/21/12, "Disbelief and Denial Mix in the Yankees’ Bullpen," NY Times, David Waldstein

  • If someone does come along to equal the 1996 Rivera he will also have to pitch 14.1 innings over 3 levels of post season play and win the World Series.

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