Saturday, January 07, 2012

Oakland A's stadium and most California sports construction impacted by Dec. 2011 State Supreme Court ruling-Field of Schemes

12/30/11, "California's RDA ruling could affect A's, 49ers, Chargers stadium plans," Neil deMause, Field of Schemes "Authorized by law since 1945, the agencies have been responsible for such success stories as Old Pasadena and San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter but also plagued by projects that some argued had little public benefit.... This is big news for the sports world because, as you might imagine, cities have been thrilled to hand out development dollars
  • when it's not really their money they're spending....
Oakland's Victory Court plan for an A's stadium appears to now be out the window, since that relied on an RDA-based TIF. However, its second "Coliseum City" plan for the A's and Raiders could still move ahead, according to Newballpark.org, as Oakland's existing stadium site is "part of a separate joint-powers agreement which allows the Coliseum Authority to raise money for its own projects.""....

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