Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allan Sniffen of NY Radio Message Board explains WFAN's Mike Francesa

Allan Sniffen, Chairman of New York Radio Message Board, explains Mike Francesa following a recent Mushnick column. I agree with Mr. Sniffen. I've listened to sports radio talkers in numerous markets and if they're good in one area, they're not in another. The job requires an almost impossible combination of traits. Other than re-uniting Mike and the Mad Dog which isn't going to happen, I'll take Mike. Regarding Phil Mushnick, someone said the NY Post is making a mistake not having him as a political writer and I agree. Phil's sports columns are interesting and helpful, but his talents are being wasted in this area.

"Posted by Allan Sniffen on October 18, 2011 at 14:11:38:

"Unlike Allan, I fall into the camp that Mike was at his best when he was with Chris Russo. I think they balanced each other out nicely and the sum of the two parts often made them must-listen radio."...

"Mike and The Mad Dog" was a better show than Mike alone for all the reasons you gave.

However, Mike comes off better by himself than he did with a partner. Russo would frequently push Mike into "voice of reason" mode which sometimes forced him to sound aloof. Unfortunately, I think people unfairly still think of him that way. I'm not so sure they would if he was just coming on the air without any prior history doing the same show he's doing now.

The fact is that Mike knows more about baseball and football than anyone else who talks sports on New York radio. And I mean that is a fact. I listen to them all and he just plain knows each game better from a strategy, personnel and historical perspective. That doesn't mean he knows everything so those who are looking to rip him can always find something (Mushnick revels in doing so).

  • I'll agree... he's less of an expert on basketball and hockey. But, then, this is New York where the majority want to talk baseball and football all year long.
He's also an excellent radio guy. He keeps the pace moving as well as another New York radio icon, Bob Grant. Regardless of the talkradio theme, knowing how to do radio keeps listeners. And please note... that doesn't necessarily mean that all of your listeners love you. Many probably won't. But they listen... and that's the point."


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