Friday, October 14, 2011

Emboldened by Bloomberg backing down, violent protesters block streets in downtown Manhattan, police unable to control

photo Friday morning 10/14/11, downtown Manhattan, NY Post. Millions in police overtime to be paid not by protesters, millionaire politicians or billionaire bankers but the voiceless middle class. "It's war!

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters -- emboldened by officials backing down this morning from evicting them from their Zuccotti Park campsite for a 7 a.m. cleaning -- stormed Wall Street, leaping over barriers and getting into a fracas with cops.

The throng of protesters streamed onto Broadway, blocking traffic, setting up a confrontation with police who are waiting for them on the street.

Things turned predictably violent as cops tackled protesters and chased them up the street -- forcing everyone to the sidewalks -- in what turned into a melee....

Cuffed protesters yelled, "The whole world is watching!" Shame on you!"...

Allison Schwartz 22, a waitress, said the protest continues.

"I can't believe it. I thought it was all over. I was so ready to be arrested," she said. "I thought that's what it was going to come down to. This changes everything. I've never been more confident that we are all going to make a difference. They're going to need an army to stop us now. A few cops won't make a difference.""...

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