Monday, September 12, 2011

Paul Simon performs 'The Sound of Silence' at Ground Zero, New York, 9/11/11

9/11/11, "Paul Simon Sound of silence at Ground Zero 9-11 Memorial " Ground Zero, New York, via Breitbart TV
  • 3/16/10, Paul Simon throws out ceremonial first pitch at The Boss, Tampa, above with Jorge Posada at The Boss v Astros, 3/16/10 ap
Paul Simon recollects the unveiling of Joe DiMaggio's monument at Yankee Stadium:
  • “You can’t leave yet. You didn’t eat any of Steinbrenner’s chicken.”
I said I had to pick up my son at a birthday party and, besides, I was a vegetarian.
  • “A vegetarian?” Rizzuto said. “A vegetarian.
from Paul Simon's NY Times article, 9/21/08, "Songs open doors to the Inner Sanctum"


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