Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Country music speaks of US economic woes, 'Red, White and Pink Slip Blues,' BBC

9/26/11, BBC, "When Toby Keith hits the stage, the crowd roars its appreciation for Made In America, a tale of patriotism and productivity under threat in the heartland.

The song hits back against a sense of moral and physical decline, and the audience - white, working class and proud - loves it.

Made in America and Cost of Livin' are just two of the most successful recent songs that address the country's economic woes. The past three years have thrown up a host of others, including John Rich's Shuttin' Detroit Down and Hank Williams Jr's savage

  • Red, White and Pink Slip Blues."...
9/26/11, "9/26/11, "Country music brings home US economic woes," BBC, Connecticut, Paul Adams

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