Wednesday, August 03, 2011

John Sterling home run calls for Eric Chavez v White Sox, Blue Jays 9/16/11, Red Sox 4/21/12, Mets 6/23/12, White Sox, 7/1, etc.

Update, Mon., 8/13/12, Bottom of the 6th Chavez home run v Texas, Sterling gave his usual call for Chavez but embellished it a little, including, "He remains ultra hot!"
  • Update, 7/1/12, It was, "Eric Chavez! UltraVez!" v White Sox in the 2nd, final score 4-2
Update, 6/23/12, Sterling gave his usual Eric Chavez home run call in tonight's game v the Mets, 7th inning, ie, "Eric Chavez! UltraVez!"
  • Update, 4/20/12, 2 Eric Chavez home runs v Red Sox, one in the second, one in the fourth. Sterling didn't give his usual tag for the 2nd inning home run. He had to wait a bit to make sure it was in fact a home run and by that time Chavez was practically around the bases, so he only had time to do the basic description.

Chavez' 4th inning home run got Sterling's regular tag for him:

  • "Chavez! Ultra vez!"

It's possible the first word was something other than 'ultra' but this is what it sounded like to me.

  • --------------------------------
Update, 9/16/11, Sterling used the same tag for Chavez' 4th inning 2R home run v Blue Jays as he did for the White Sox (below), which as I heard it was,
  • "Chavez! Ultra vez!"
John Sterling tag line for Eric Chavez home run call in third inning v Chicago White Sox, 8/3:
  • "Chavez! Ultra vez!" In Spanish 'otra vez' means 'again' or 'another time' so I'm guessing 'ultra vez' is a play on that. When I first heard it I wasn't sure if Sterling said 'otra vez' or 'ultra vez,' went with 'otra' subject to listening to the call again on highlights.
Hearing it again on highlights it sounded like 'ultra vez'.

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