Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yankee front office worries so much about media one wonders how they have time to conduct team business- Lupica

5/19/11, Mike Lupica, "The executives who run this baseball team need to back off now, because they do more talking than anybody with jobs like theirs in baseball. This organization worries about the media so much you sometimes wonder how they have enough time to actually go about the business
  • of running the Yankees.

You know why they could make Jeter have to endure that ridiculous conference call on Monday? Because they've created a culture now where that's all right now. When they didn't like something Jeter's agent said last winter, they pushed back so hard

  • it actually made you laugh.

At least with Jeter they didn't lose their minds over a big contract to an aging player after the player signed it. This time they let everybody know how upset they were before the ink was dry. So these days it is Posada and Jeter. Someday it will be A-Rod and Mark Teixeira at the back ends of their deals. Or CC Sabathia if he decides to stick around after this season. Imagine these players, forcing the Yankees to pay them all this money and keep paying it even when they are in decline.

"We're all on the same page," Jeter kept saying over and over again when reporters asked him about the conference call, and if you believe that, you also believed that people were going to keep paying $35 to park in that ridiculous garage across the street from the new Stadium.

Brian Cashman made great sense the other day, talking about how the Yankees need to go fight the other team instead of fight with each other. Good advice, for him, for everybody else over there. Sometimes the People in Charge act as if they're the big attraction here. They're not. Even the old man finally learned when to back off."


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