Sunday, May 08, 2011

Red Sox-Angels May 4 game saw 445 pitches thrown

5/7/11, Bill Madden: "It took a grueling five-hour marathon, interrupted by a two-hour, 35-minute rain delay, that ended at 2:45 in the morning Thursday, but the L.A. Angels seem to have finally broken their streak of ineptitude against the Red Sox. Before finally prevailing in a game in which 14 pitchers threw a total of 445 pitches, the Angels had lost 15 of 16 games to the Red Sox. The next day, the Angels won again, 11-0, while the Sox placed two of their pitchers from the 13-inning game, Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler, on the disabled list."...(Jenks not listed by MLB.com as one of 14 pitchers)

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