Thursday, May 05, 2011

Even if Jeter goes 4-4, Girardi will still be 'confronted' with 'daily seige' of questions from activist media. Fascinating.

5/4/11, "Yankees’ Rocky Day Continues Into Night," NY Times, Ben Shpigel Girardi, though, was asked about more drastic moves involving Jeter,... The scrutiny surrounding Jeter will persist whether he goes 1 for 4 or 4 for 4, whether he hits four ground-ball singles or four line-drive outs. Girardi has grown accustomed to the daily siege of questions about Jeter, saying that he understood the ripple effect in the clubhouse of a potential lineup change, but that it was a moot point because it was not under consideration. "...
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Heavy. Girardi faces "questions," "scrutiny." The "scrutiny" will go on even if Jeter is "4 for 4,". This situation exists because the Yankee general manager either wants it to or allows it to. Why would an honest person with a shred of conscience choose a career as a baseball writer/media activist with masters to serve around every corner? Truly a perverse way to make a living. I don't see why anyone would buy a ticket to a Yankee game with all the negativity the activist media spreads. Management has never done anything to stop it. Fans may say it's just part of being a Yankee fan. BS. That attitude allows it to continue. I hope Jeter is out of the line up for the next 2 months (with something benign), how's that Mr. Cashman? And I hope your stadium is empty. ed.

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