Sunday, March 13, 2011

CB Bucknor, Phil Cuzzi and Bob Davidson consistently rate lowest among umpires-Bill Madden

3/12/11, Bill Madden, "The big shake-up in MLB's on-field operations department, in which new executive VP Joe Torre brought in Dodgers' assistant GM Kim Ng and former Diamondbacks assistant GM and MLB labor lawyer Rob Woolfork as his top aides makes for an impressive team of experienced and accomplished baseball minds. In addition to spending whatever money it takes to train and develop new umpires at the major league level, the umpires must be held accountable, too. For one thing, the umpires' ratings ought to be made public, and those such as
  • C.B. Bucknor,
  • Phil Cuzzi and
  • Bob Davidson
who consistently rate the lowest should be demoted or outright dismissed. In its basic agreement with the World Umpires Association, but the previous administration chose not to use that leverage."...

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