Monday, February 28, 2011

NY Post's 15th annual best and worst in NY pro sports by Jay Greenberg

Each category had 3 winners. In the "Bright" category, all 3 were NY Mets:

1. R.A. Dickey, Mets

  • 3.35 GPA as an English major at Tennessee. 2.84 ERA as a re-inventor of himself as a knuckleballer.

2. Chris Young, Mets

  • Wrote Princeton thesis on “The Impact of Jackie Robinson and baseball integration on racial Stereotypes: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Stories about Race in the New York Times.” Far more impressive than quantitative projection of Mets rotation without Johan Santana.

3. Chris Capuano, Mets

  • Phi Beta Kappa in economics at Duke. Between starts can figure out where the Madoff money went. Mets strategy is to put up goose-eggheads on opponents’ linescores."...
  • Other notables, "Classy," Yankee Phil Hughes was #3
"Mood didn’t drop with his performance level in second half of season. Good Guy Award winner doesn’t even wish the Rangers any ill against his Lightning."... "The Wilpons were hit high by Madoff and low by clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels. But for $55 million over six years, they got a guy who never cheats himself on an at-bat or blooper by the railing, even if 79 wins is not what he signed for."... "Fist pumps on strikeouts in the first make him the last guy opponents greet at the batting cage."...

"Strikes out more than one per inning of reliable middle relief while everybody is caught looking at the travails of Joba Chamberlain."...

  • "Loved," Yankees Mariano Rivera, #1, Derek Jeter #3
"Mans the ultimate what-did-you-do-for-me-today position. And fans and teammates still want him to go on forever."
  • 2. "Amar’e Stoudemire, Knicks
Wait for a winner was eternal. Probably so will be the gratitude."
  • 3. "Derek Jeter, Yankees

"Man of the people, despite the $7.7 million mansion (no guestroom for Hank Steinbrenner) and the big contract demands coming off .270. Unless countdown to 3,000 proves more protracted than the negotiations, it will be a 74-hit lovefest."...

"Skinny walk-on at College of Charleston. Took a new position, perhaps the most famous in sports, and ran with it."

"No longer quite the fat man, but still jolly."...
  • "Immature," Mets Francisco Rodriguez #1, Yankees Boone Logan #3
About Boone Logan: "More snide comments than Jeter’s house has rooms. Complains about distance from players’ lot to clubhouse. “Lots of parking at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Boone,” said Javier Vazquez."...
  • ----------------------------
They had a couple of other categories I didn't mention here like "hated," and "underachieving," in which names like the Wilpons and AJ Burnett were featured.


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