Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pedro speaks up for brother Ramon

12/14/10, Santo Domingo: "Position. Says no hard feelings at Licey. The dismissal of Ramon Martinez and pitching coach for the Licey Tigers was not handled in the best way, he understands his brother Pedro Martinez.

"I think things are not handled in the best way, but Licey is handled well. Look how many leaders have had in the last three or four years, but still successful," Martinez said during a visit to the Today newspaper to promote Martinez Brothers Foundation and the social work being carried out.

  • Martinez said, however, maintained an excellent relationship with the Licey President Jose Manuel Busto, general manager Fernando Ravelo and all the leaders of the Tigers.

"When you change a manager leaves the coaching staff, that's normal," he said.

  • He also spoke of the growth has been the free agent market in baseball, with three signatures of more than $ 100 million this winter.

"Certainly it has grown enough and that's good for the kids," he said.

He also claimed to have numbers for the Hall of Fame when eligible, but at no time be admitted retired from baseball.

  • "I have the numbers to enter the Hall of Fame in five years, but that's not my decision, those are the writers who vote and those who take that decision," Martinez said.

Martinez had 219-100 mark and 2.93 ERA in 18 seasons in the majors."

12/14/10, "Pedro questions Ramon dismissal," from Hoy, by Dionisio Soldevila, google translation from Spanish. original Spanish. photo from Hoy, Pedro visits

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