Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manny Acta holds workshops for 300 kids in Dominican Republic

12/11/10, "In order to educate children and youth of the community of Ingenio Consuelo, San Pedro de Macoris, the coach of the Cleveland Indians, Manny Acta yesterday completed the second phase of the project that develops with his IMPACT Foundation Kids.

"We held a clinic for these children in the project we are developing and the truth is we're very happy with the results we've had to date," Acta said to the editors of Today....

Project Impact The Kids in the Ingenio Consuelo already has two baseball parks are named after Sammy Sosa and Richard Carty, both born in Ingenio Consuelo, and also developing a multipurpose room will have a meeting and a public library bearing the name of retired shortstop Alfredo Griffin.

  • Currently, we are building a third stage to be named Julio Cesar Franco, also a native of Ingenio Consuelo.

"Here we are not only instructing baseball for children but also how to behave both on and off the field," he said.

So far, the project is supported by donations made by the team of the Cleveland Indians, the sports brand Under Armour and some fans who follow the Act and giving support to the foundation he heads.

  • "Even the foundation is not officially registered in the country, but we're working on it and once it is, as we hope to have the support of some companies also Dominican," said the foreman.

But the intentions of the Act do not stop at just helping kids to play baseball.

One of the future plans, once they complete the work of the third stage, the public library and the multi-purpose, is to expand to other areas such as health and education.

  • "We will seek college scholarships and operating support to provide health care for people who need it, because the truth is there are many things you can do in that regard," he said Minutes.

He added: "It is gratifying to talk to the kids and let them know it is their responsibility to help the country improve, not only in terms of baseball but in general terms."

  • Currently, the IMPACT Foundation also supports a children's baseball tournament with 10 teams in different categories and a softball tournament....

Here not only are giving baseball instruction for children of Ingenio Consuelo but we are teaching them how to behave both on and off the field. ""

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