Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Andres Galaragga urges moderation in signing bonuses for young MLB players

12/7/10, Punta Cana, DR: "Although it sounds contradictory, Andres Galarraga, Venezuelan who fought for 19 years in the major leagues and also fought bravely overcame a shoulder which believes that

Galarraga believes that when a player is signed for a bond astounding, there is a very high chance that

"I am not opposed, from a human point of view this is great that a player is given that ensure their future, but to that extent I think it should be more careful" he said.

He added that in cases such young players do not play with heart and that is why baseball has changed so much.

He said that many of those players instead of seeing the pitches a pitcher, or how a player hits, "you see on the money they have in the bank."

Galarraga supported the statements of Jim Rice in the sense that if a player was linked to steroids should not enter the hall of the immortals."


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