Saturday, November 06, 2010

Francisco Liriano hopes Twins will allow him to pitch in Domincan league

  • Above, Francisco Liriano after a game of dominoes in a neighbor's yard, photo Listin Diario
11/5/10, Listin Diario: "The All-Star Francisco Liriano enjoyed both critical work he had with the Lions of the Chosen in the last tournament, you want to wear the scarlet uniform again.

  • The problem is that the last word lies with the Minnesota Twins, an organization that looks inclined to rest in the winter.

"Would launch again?, Asked the Twins left-hander, who revealed he is a fan of the Chosen" from Chiquita. "If I give permission and opportunity, but let's see what it says Minnesota. I love "pitching" at least in January, during the Round Robin. "

  • "I enjoyed the most. It was an unforgettable experience. I had a great time, thank God I could help the team, give them what they expected of me. "He said.

Do you see it hard? "A little. They want to rest because this year threw for 250 entries between the performance that I had here (48.2, among regular series, semifinal and final) training camp (20) and Major League Baseball season (191.2). I never had 'pitched' as well.

  • Enjoyed so much that managed to delay for a day trip that was scheduled for that day, Jan. 29, and the
  • Twins gave him permission to launch the ninth game of the finals between the Giants and starring the Chosen,
  • except that would be only two episodes.

The heat of the game kept him in the box and not worth the Minnesota calls to his lawyer Greg Grenske, who was present at the stadium, to get out of the game.

"One more," Liriano said his agent every time he made a zero and so called until the fifth, when Ken Oberfell leader told him "you're good" and praised him for his dedication and for having limited the Giants to one hit in five acts, for which she had to do 71 pitches.

  • The Lions dominated 3-0. The title was a matter of time.

Liriano accrued 1.6 million this year in the majors for the second straight year will go to arbitration system.

He refused to talk about his claims, but said the team opened a new stadium and was filled in each date."

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