Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays owners cut back outdoor ads in home territory

"...Some people around St. Petersburg are ticked the team (the Tampa Bay Rays) hasn't utilized
  • and why it didn't even communicate with the city in
from ShadowoftheStadium.blogspot.com by Noah Pransky , WTSP tv, via Field of Schemes
  • This is typical of Rays ownership. Over the past few years Stu Sternberg openly criticized fans
to the point where even their radio guys would carry on wondering exactly what kind of fans they had that wouldn't come to games, were they too casual, etc. At low points, Sternberg would even make a special announcement that he was going to lower payroll even more next year (to punish the supposedly 'bad' fans). Obviously players hear this garbage. I've explained that Florida is not what people think it is (I lived there recently). It is a poor state that has been robbed and neglected by politicians. People have no money to put gas in the car. Forget buying a ticket. If someone did have the money and a chunk of time, who in their right mind would feel good about spending it on an owner who was so ignorant and rude? ed.


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