Monday, September 13, 2010

You can't buy gas or tickets to get to a Tampa Bay Rays game if you have no money. It doesn't make you a bad fan, it's just reality.

They have good days here and there, but talk is often about disappointing ticket sales for the Tampa Bay Rays. I lived in Tampa for most of the past few years. I had assumed it would be a great place to be a baseball fan, but that wasn't the case. My experience was very few people know baseball exists. It wouldn't matter anyway today, as there aren't enough people with even a penny of discretionary income to afford to buy gas to get to a game. It is not a 'disgrace,' as I've seen written many times. Florida is a state filled with poor people. Pundits are either unaware of what has happened to Florida and this country or are pretending to be. Piniellas County July 2010 foreclosures, from RealtyTrac. 5/6/09, Americans have drastically cut back on driving, Nate Silver, Esquire 1/22/09, CNN Money, Americans drove 112 billion fewer miles in the 13 month period from Nov. 2007-Dec. 2008, with South Atlantic states showing the greatest drop.
  • And it is much worse now. There is no mystery to attendance problems anywhere.
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