Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MLB eagerly plays in the brutal Communist Chinese dictatorship

  • MLB Players Assn. registered no complaint that I could find, such as logical fear that players could easily die in a country with lax building standards. Showing ID in accord with existing federal law gets their attention, but mass negligent homicide, rampant food poisonings and other outrages (listed below) draw no complaint from MLB.
5/11: "The 2011 All-Star Game sign painted on the (Arizona Diamondbacks) left field wall disappeared before this homestand and was replaced by an ad for Dial soap. (Owner Derrick)Hall said he received several e-mails from panicking fans assuming the worst, but he said there's no reason to worry.
  • "We just sold the deal with Dial during the road trip," Hall said.

Hall said the club plans to put up a new All-Star sign, perhaps hanging one from the rafters behind home plate."...

Communist China executes more people than the rest of the world combined. BBC article, 3/29/10, graph from Amnesty International. Communist China admits killing at least 4 protesters, 3/08 11 rare Siberian Tigers allowed to starve to death in Communist Chinese zoos Communist China won't reveal how many babies were killed by its poisonous and cheaply made milk product, 10/08 "The Chinese government has refused to release the number of students who died or their names. But one official report soon after the earthquake estimated that up to 10,000 students died in the collapse of 7,000 classrooms and dormitory rooms.
  • Reports emerged in July 2008 that local governments in the province had begun a coordinated campaign to buy the silence of angry parents whose children died during the earthquake.

Most parents whose children died took a payment of about $8,800 from the local government and a guarantee of a pension in exchange for silence.

  • In December 2008, government officials acknowledged in the most definitive report since the earthquake that many school buildings across the country are poorly constructed and that 20 percent of primary schools in one southwestern province may be unsafe."...


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