Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National cap and trade plan to cancel state plans! Solution for non-existent catastrophic man-made global warming scam proposed by US senate!

5/11, Reuters, Highlights outlined include that all state cap and trade programs will be canceled in favor of the "national" cap and trade plan: (Point 1 is all that's needed. The global warming/climate bill is not about climate. It's point is to create a market for organized crime, to strangle the US economy, and transfer $100 billion a year from US taxpayers to brutal equatorial dictators and UN slobs.) ed.
  • 2. Clean energy will cost American families more than existing energy. (With the economy already destroyed, who but a common criminal would even suggest such an idea to Americans, much less force it on them? Especially when it's over a faked premise. ed)
3. Under the heading, "State Pre-Emption," "The word "cap and trade" is actually used here, saying states will have to abandon their own cap and trade programs, they'll all be superseded by the national cap and trade program: "Factbox: Details of new Senate climate bill" Reuters 5/11
  • -- because there are
  • financial opportunities.”...
Update: As of 5/10/10, Soros is now an official UN envoy charged with extracting money from 'developing nations' for 'climate change' 'expenses'. The climate industry rests on the criminally false assumption that catastrophic man caused climate change (global warming) exists, and is largely caused by evil US citizens who therefore must pay billions in reparations. Money must be immediate and continue indefinitely to enrich corrupt UN grifters, brutal equatorial dictators, billionaire hedge fund thugs and various other "stakeholders" with the Chicago Climate Exchange. We must surrender our lives, our families and our sovereignty without complaint to unelected imperialist global thugs. ed.


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