Friday, April 23, 2010

Mets channel debuted super slo-mo camera in Cubs series

Neil Best, 4/21: "SNY (Mets tv channel) is experimenting with a super-duper slow motion camera during the Cubs series that it is calling "Ultra-Mo."
  • It unveiled the feature Tuesday night, to pretty cool effect, even using it to capture Jose Reyes' celebratory clapping after his second-inning triple.

SNY analysts also used it to break down players' swings and pitching motions in extreme detail.

  • The camera comes from a Belgian company called i-Movix, and can show slow-motion replays
  • at eight to 10 times the frames per second of other slo-mo systems.

A key feature of the camera is that it can be used for live pictures in addition to replays.

  • Tuesday was its U.S. debut.

For now SNY only is scheduled to use it for this series, but it could be back later this season."...

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