Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cubs, Red Sox boast highest priced tickets in MLB

"It's cheaper to sit in much of the lower deck at Yankee Stadium this year, with the Chicago Cubs overtaking New York and Boston for the highest-priced regular tickets in the major leagues....
  • Many teams mostly held off on increases following a drop of 6.7 percent in Major League Baseball's average attendance last season, from 32,528 to 30,350.

Tickets at Wrigley Field for non-premium sections average $52.56 this season and Fenway Park is second at $52.32 following a 4.1 percent hike.

  • At Yankee Stadium, where 3,304 lower-deck infield seats without free food were reclassified premium by TMR at the request of the team, the average is $51.83, up 0.4 percent. Last year's average was adjusted from $72.97 to $51.64....

Minnesota, moving into Target Field, raised its regular average price 45 percent to $31.47 -- the only team other than the Cubs with a double-digit increase."...

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