Monday, March 29, 2010

Climate advocates admit- it was never about climate, was really about global economy-Yale 360

As the US is doing now, with no rationale except 'we want a price on carbon' pursuing a decades long campaign to finally strangle the evil American middle class, Yale authors advocate dropping climate discussion, imposing painful measures on US citizens-as originally planned-- as if catastrophic man made global warming actually existed and CO2 was a danger. "And understood in its proper role, as one of many reasons why we should climate science can even help contribute to the case for taking such action.
  • But so long as environmentalists continue
  • of the global energy economy,
neither the science, nor efforts to address climate change, will be well served."... Among comments to post at the Hill:
  • "These gentlemen have recognized the failure of a science-based approach, inasmuch as the facts did not support their arguments. Instead, I believe, they are actually recommending abandoning research-based analysis to sell their agenda
  • without any rational basis." Eminence Grise
"Do you really need any more proof than this? What this says in essence is that trying to use factual climate data to link green initiatives to non-existent global warming is hurting the economic goals of pseudo environmentalis ts.The real goal is not to mitigate adverse climatologicall y consequences but to initiate a global redistribution of wealth using the climate change movement as the catalyst of economic change.The lights are on and the roaches are beginning to scatter." Paul Magel


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