Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Adverse relationship between professional sports and health of the planet'--carbon trading pitch to NHL player

Boston Bruins' Andrew "Ference’s awareness of the began when he joined the Calgary Flames in 2003 and had ongoing conversations with well-known environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki."...More than 500 NHL players were steered into Gold Standard carbon offsets by David Suzuki). (Suzuki is not a climate scientist. He has a PhD in zoology, undergraduate degree in biology) ed.. Robert Redford: "We have to go to sports."
  • "We have to go to sports," Redford said.
  • He told members in attendance that sports was the new opiate of the people, that it was a prime reason masses weren't revolting in the street. At the same time, sports provided a unique opportunity to connect to nontraditional allies, who might adopt a greener attitude.

"We help the leagues, and at the same time use them as leverage with companies that were not responsive," (NRDC's Allen) Hershkowitz said. ..."But we ask, 'How can we get you rich while advancing environmental efforts?' And these are changes that can't be rolled back by an uncooperative administration or president."

The NRDC is now working with the NBA, NHL and U.S. Tennis Association. The nonprofit organization has been contacted by the NFL, MLS and PGA. Athletes infamous for their big cars and substantial lifestyles are being recruited to the cause of environmentalism, which is good for anyone's public image....

  • Tonight at Fenway, (4/08) the president of NRDC, John Adams, will throw out the first pitch.

A public service video, narrated by Redford and co-sponsored by MLB, will be shown."...


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