Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time is now for Tigers baseball in Connecticut

"Hooray! We have a baseball team. Well, sort of. Thursday’s announcement of the yet-to-be-approved relocation of the Oneonta (N.Y.) Tigers to Norwich for this summer is a great start. But the problem is the process of getting the team here was so drawn out that Until then, the Tigers will still be physically based in New York,
  • tickets can’t be sold and job openings can’t be filled.
sell its signage along Dodd Stadium’s outfield wall or take out advertisement in local newspapers....
  • Connecticut is already playing catch-up in the standings before a pitch has been thrown. It only illustrates the importance of getting team relocations done as quickly and neatly as possible. ...
It’s fair to note that the short-season New York-Penn League, which the Tigers call home, doesn’t start play until mid-June. That doesn’t mean the team has until then to get into gear.... "Time not Tigers' Friend in organizing relocation to Norwich," Joe Perez, Norwich Bulletin, 1/29/10


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