Friday, December 11, 2009

Joel Sherman on the NY Times sports dept.-do they have concussions?

  • On the NY Times accepting a buyout from Jack Curry, longtime sports writer and friend, NY Post's Joel Sherman, comments:
"Soon the Times will realize what it had for two decades.
  • Soon when all the concussion stories are done and
all the rock climbing and rodeo has been exhausted, they might – if their arrogance does not get the best of them – realize that there are not a lot of reporters you can call at 11 p.m. on a breaking story and have a piece you are proud to put into your newspaper at midnight, one full of good writing, eleventh-hour reporting and perspective.
  • Jack (Curry) is the rare person in the business who can do that over and over.
  • Not appreciating those skills is classless and ignorant.

I would feel particularly sad if I did not fully expect someone as skilled and graceful as Jack would end up in better circumstances working for people who comprehend that reporting and hard work and diligence to hundreds of stories a year are not talents that many have.

  • I would wish Jack luck, but he doesn’t need it, so I will just keep extending my friendship.

As for the Times, I will assume that

  • the people who made this decision had concussions themselves."
"3 Up: Bay, Damon, and Jack Curry," from Joel Sherman's Hardball Blog, 12/11/09


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