Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talk radio hosts banned from CNN.

(8/11): "Exclusive: TVNewser has learned, and a CNN spokesperson confirms, that in his morning editorial meeting today, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein "Complex issues require world class reporting," Klein is quoted as saying, adding that talk radio hosts too often add to the noise, and that what they say is "all too predictable."
  • One of CNN's longtime show hosts, Lou Dobbs, hosts a daily radio show."...

(Newser presumes host Bill Bennett won't be affected by the ban).

Desperate times call for desperate measures from the (Hugo) Chavez News Network.

  • Other than Lou Dobbs, the radio names mentioned are pablum to begin with, although I'm not familiar with Stephanie Miller. photo from Mark Levin Show.com during anti CNN protests in Honduras.
  • via mention on Michael Savage show.
Former CNN chief Eason Jordan was forced to resign for lying. Here's another example of CNN's sickness: NY Times, 4/11/03, "The News We Kept to Ourselves," by Eason Jordan. Referenced on this blog, 12/8/08.

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