Friday, August 28, 2009

ESPN and Huffington Post join forces on way to 'world domination'

  • And why not?

Neil Best Watchdog notes, "ESPN was so pleased with its ESPNChicago.com that it announced it will add versions for Dallas later this year and New York and Los Angeles in 2010....

All of this naturally is of concern to locally-based media outlets,

On reciprocal agreement between Huffington Post and ESPN Chicago, 6/22/09, MediaBistro: "The HuffPost Chicago content will join local content from ESPN Radio 1000 and Chicago news, traffic and weather from ABC-owned TV station WLS on ESPNChicago.com. "Politics, news and sports play a unique role in the identity of Chicago," ESPN vice president of digital partnerships and sales development Marc Horine said in a release. "The combination of ESPNChicago.com and the Huffington Post Chicago brings to Chicago the best news sources and most varied and passionate voices.""....


(World domination is so much easier than messing with local views, you know wackos and nut cases, I mean who needs them....) framus


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