Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Sirius XM car dock expected this week said to include MLB and Howard

This is expected to carry MLB channels and Howard Stern which previous iPhone didn't:
  • Satwave: "Just yesterday, XMfan.com reported that the iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks would be called “SkyDocks” and they provided a picture with that name inscribed on the accessory in the diagram.
  • They are also reporting that Sirius XM will be unveiling a new FM modulation technology that will be replacing the cumbersome SureConnect system. The new FM modulation technology works off of the cars electrical system and will not require an external wire to the vehicle’s antenna as the SureConnect system did.
  • This technology would make the new iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks virtually plug and play — even in vehicles without iPod integration or an audio-in auxiliary jack. Other possibilities include dock enabled boomboxes and portable accessory kits with antenna headphones." 8/20, via NY Radio Message Board, 8/22

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